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100,000,000 Total Supply

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Connecting Blockchains, Uniting Worlds

Blockchain Interoperability

Synchroni Coin serves as a bridge connecting multiple blockchain networks, allowing them to communicate and share data seamlessly


Cross-Chain Transactions=

With a clear mission to solve the challenge of blockchain interoperability, Synchroni offers a pioneering solution that bridges different blockchain networks, fostering seamless communication and data exchange.


Privacy and Security

Implement robust security measures and privacy features to protect user data and transactions.


Fast and Scalable

Synchroni Coin is designed for speed and scalability, ensuring efficient and reliable blockchain synchronization.


Fast transaction


Security & Control over money


Mobile Payment Make Easy

Empowering the Future of Blockchain Connectivity: Synchroni Coin - Where Seamless Interoperability Connects the World of Decentralized Possibilities


  • Private Sale: 50%
  • Ecosystem: 15%
  • Liquidity: 15%
  • Team: 10%
  • Reward: 5%
  • Partnership: 5%
  • Presale: 70%


  • 1 Symbol: SYNC
  • 2 Total Supply : 100,000,000
  • 3 Chain : ERC20

Our Roadmap

Q1 2023:

Inception and Whitepaper Release

Conceptualization and project initiation. Whitepaper publication outlining Synchroni Coin's vision, technology, and use cases.

Q2 2023

Seed Funding and Team Formation

Secure seed funding and assemble a dedicated team of blockchain and development experts. Start initial development and technical research.

Q3 2024

Prototype Development

Develop the first prototype of Synchroni Coin for blockchain synchronization. Begin internal testing and refinement.

Q4 2024

Private Beta Testing

Launch a private beta test of Synchroni Coin for selected partners and collaborators. Gather user feedback and make necessary improvements.

Q1 2025:

Public Testnet

Release the public testnet for broader community testing and engagement. Encourage developers and users to explore the technology.

Q3 2025

Mainnet Launch

Officially launch the Synchroni Coin mainnet, making it fully operational. Token distribution and listing on major exchanges.

Q4 2025:

Blockchain Partnerships

Forge strategic partnerships with blockchain projects and networks for integration. Expand the use cases and adoption of Synchroni Coin.


Synchroni Coin is a blockchain project dedicated to solving the challenge of blockchain interoperability. It enables seamless communication and data sharing between different blockchain networks.

Synchroni Coin uses advanced technology to connect and synchronize blockchains. It acts as a bridge, allowing data and transactions to flow between different blockchain networks.

Synchroni Coin can be used in a wide range of applications, including cross-chain transactions, data sharing, and connecting various decentralized applications (dApps).

The Synchroni Coin (SYN) serves various purposes within the ecosystem, such as transaction fees, staking for rewards, and potentially participating in network governance.

Synchroni Coin tokens can be acquired through public sales, exchanges, and potentially through staking or participating in the ecosystem.

Yes, Synchroni Coin is committed to open-source development, promoting transparency, and encouraging community participation.

Control Application From Your Mobile

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